lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

Electrostatic Pull-In Modeling of a MEMS Ring Gyroscope Structure

Modeling Pull-In behavior of MEMS devices is one of the essential technologies needed to design Electro-Mechanical devices. Over the years many papers have been published on analytical models for Pull-In behavior, most of which deal with simple beam like structures.
An alternative to closed form analytical solutions people use special MEMS multi-domain Finite Element Methods or Boundary Element Methods. These simulation tools give very accurate results but are limited by simulation times.

A different simulation technique, behavioral modeling, can achieve the same accuracy as Finite Element methods but with simulation speeds 100x or 1000x faster.

A detailed application note on modeling and simulating a ring gyro can be found on the Coventor Application Gallery pages.

Have a look at this example which has curved beams with curved electrodes underneath. The animation shows a time-sequence of a ring structure under increased voltage load, contact to the electrode and release of the structure after the voltage is removed.

Visualization of behavioral model Pull In simulation

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