domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

RF MEMS and Reconfigurable Systems

RF MEMS switches enable wireless device manufacturers to dramatically reduce system level power consumption. Under development are low-loss and extremely-linear switches for diversity antenna, transmit-receive, load-match, and frequency-band select.

MicroAssembly's RF MEMS process incorporates RF switches, high-Q passives and other RF components via a proprietary interconnect technology enabling MEMS/CMOS integration. This process also leverages our proprietary wafer-scale hermetic packaging capability for low-cost. 

An advanced actuator design enables high contact forces to provide reliable operation.

MEMS Packaging

MicroAssembly has wafer-scale and die-scale MEMS packaging capability, with the flexibility to rapid-turn for prototyping and also meet volume requirements with low-cost. Why MicroAssembly's micropackage is different:
Low temperature processing -- compatible with a wide variety of MEMS devices -- from room temperature to 300 C
Wafer scale: large volumes at low cost
Die scale: quick turnaround prototyping
Very thin, non-contaminating, metal-to-metal seals – no organics
Near 100% yield -- reliability data with demonstrated hermeticity and very strong bond strength
Harsh environments including cryogenic temperatures and high-g shock

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